Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I use your Songs?
Expanded Music Sync is a business to business Service and our licenses are not for private use. Our license allows You to synchronize the Songs in your media projects, as defined in the license agreement. In order to give you the chance to have a correct cost to fit with your project we offer two simple music license options: Basic License and Extended License that allow a wide range of uses. For certain more extensive uses you may need to purchase a Custom License. If you do not find your needed use within our Synoptic Page please contact us and we will do our best to customize a solution for your needs.

May I purchase online a license for any of the Songs available on EXPANDED MUSIC SYNC?
Basic License and Extended License on Expanded Music Sync can be purchased directly online. Some Songs are not fully controlled by Expanded Music Sync as they can have different rights holders. In these few cases the songs will not be available for a Basic or Extended License but you will still be able to use them under a Custom License ruling.

If I purchase the license for one song from Expanded Music Sync, may I sample part of it to make my own song or derivative music and distribute it?
The Song licensed by Expanded Music Sync can only be used for the project expressly allowed in the License Agreements. To sample a Song (even small parts of it) in order to create a new song or a derivative work is strictly forbidden and it will be considered a copyright infringement. You can only edit the Song and/or add vocals that are necessary for your project.

How can I make sure not to infringe any third party rights?
Our licenses cover only the right to synchronize the Songs in your media projects as defined in our terms and conditions; remember that you or your clients may need further rights (i.e. performing rights fees or any other similar fees) to use the Songs properly without infringing any third party right. You and your clients are the sole responsible for the payment of such rights to the right holders, directly or through a CMO (Collecting Management Organizations) like, for example, SIAE, GEMA, PRS/MCPS, SACEM, BMI, etc. Please make sure you carefully read and fully understand our License terms and conditions, should you have any doubts please do not hesitate to contact us.

What about performing and similar rights?
All composers have to be compensated for their rights via relevant Collecting Management Organizations accordingly to relevant national laws and rules. Your local Collecting Management Organizations should supply you with the proper information accordingly. To ensure that our composers are compensated by the relevant Collecting Management Organizations, Cue Sheets must be completed for productions that are publicly broadcasted such as Tv, radio, film, theatrical productions and advertisements. For more information or if you need Publishers and Composers information about the songs available for licensing on Expanded Music Sync, please feel free to contact us and we will serve you all the needed information to fill out any Cue Sheets.

YouTube has sent me a notice stating that the music I have licensed from Expanded Music Sync belongs to a third party. What do I do?
Upon receiving an eventual notice from YouTube we invite you to declare your Expanded Music Sync license and YouTube should drop its claim immediately, in case not please be so kind to contact us. Please remind that Expanded Music Sync license does not transfer the property of the song to you therefore you are allowed to upload your video on YouTube but you do not have to upload it onto YouTube’s Content ID System claiming to be the music owner.

What is your billing tax policy?
The online fee indicated for our Licenses does not include any taxes, duties or other government charges. In case of VAT taxes, duties or other government charges to be applied, it will be done accordingly to local tax policies. Please know that such taxes will be added onto the license fee bill and it will consequently appear in your cart before the purchase is made. Before the transaction is completed we kindly ask you to verify that your country of residence is the same as your billing address.

What kind of edit or format you will deliver the Song to me?
Browsing Expanded Music Sync’s Catalogue you will be proposed to listen to short edits. Each Song will show different graphic notes:
listen to available extended version.
listen to available different versions and mixes.
You will be able to download the licensed song having the chance to choose both the format (MP3 and WAV) and the edit version (Extended or different Mix).

Once I have purchased a file can I return it, change it or get a refund?
Expanded Music Sync does not offer you a refund on your purchase. If an error occurs and you report it promptly to Expanded Music Sync, we may give you the chance (not more than once for each purchase and, in any case, at our sole discretion) to download another Song of the same value at the same licensing conditions.