EXPANDED MUSIC SYNC MUSIC LIBRARY: it is composed by high quality selected Songs. Expanded Music Sync Music Library is constantly updated. To make sure you are browsing Expanded Music Sync most updated music catalogue and tools, we suggest you to refresh your browser each time you enter Expanded Music Sync web site. In case you do not find the music you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact Expanded Music Sync in order to receive free tailored proposals.


LICENSE: all Expanded Music Sync Music Library is copyright protected and most of the Songs can be acquired directly online in just a few minutes by using your credit card or Paypal. Please read terms and conditions of our online licenses which are available at the License section.


CUSTOM LICENSE: some Songs of Expanded Music Sync Music Library are available only through a custom license; if you wish to receive a quotation or simply more information about licensing Songs which are not available online we invite you to contact us. You will be shortly contacted by us or by our local representative.


REGISTRATION: You do not need to be registered to browse Expanded Music Sync Music Library and use Expanded Music Sync Player.


EXPANDED MUSIC SYNC: in order to be able to use the Wish List you need to be registered. The Wish List allows you to store your favorite Music Cuts in your own Playlist. The Wish List allows you to play your Playlist in sync with your video. When you log out your Playlist will be saved and you will find it once you will log in again.


VOLUME CONTROLS: the Volume Controls of Expanded Music Sync Player will allow you to have a pre-mix of the selected Music Cuts along with eventual sound tracks (speakers, sound effects etc) incorporated into the video uploaded on the Expanded Music Sync Player.


BPM: Browsing Expanded Music Sync Music Library you can chose Music Cuts of "Any BPM", "Slow - Medium"(< of 125) and "Medium-Fast"(> to 125). Each time you will enter a new search the Music Cuts will be proposed in different sets with growing BPM.